BraunAbility® Pacifica Power Foldout

The Newest BraunAbility Pacifica offers all the best-in-class features of the class-leading Pacifica Power Foldout XT with a shorter floor drop and door opening, making it the ideal height for individuals who sit lower in their wheelchair of scooter. For these customers, the Power Foldout delivers a better overall riding experience with a clear visibility over the dash without compromising the extra-wide ramp and doorway opening or the most spacious cabin interior on the market. Backseat passengers will enjoy the full-length footrest, and interior lighting throughout the cabin and below the ramp makes night-time navigation easy.

Standard Conversion Features

Lowered floor with Quiet Drive™

  • The floor is lowered from the toe pan to the rear axle and features sound absorbing Quiet Drive() technology

Automatic Door and Ramp

  • The OEM Chrysler power door operator opens the sliding door at the touch of a button. The lightweight power foldout ramp offers unparalleled ease of access for wheelchair and scooter users.

Integrated Keyfob Remote

  • Control of the vehicle's accessible features is built into the OEM Chrysler keyfob remote.

Automatic Kneeling Rear Suspension

  • Automatic kneeling system which can be deactivated if needed by accessing convenient on/off switch.

Theater-Style Lighting

  • Illuminates lowered floor area and underneath ramp.

Custom Ground Effects

  • Adds stylish lines and enhances smooth OEM appearance.

Built to Trust

  • Parts and components sources from Chrysler suppliers to ensure vehicle integrity.

Fold-Down Footrest

  • Adds comfort for backseat passengers and fold away when not in use.

Cantilevered Removable Seat Bases with Removeable Cup Holders

  • The driver and passenger seats can be easily removed to provide wheelchair securement positions in the front of the vehicle. The cantilevered design allows for improved turning radius within the cabin.

Trailer Towing

  • OEM Chrysler tow package available

Rear Cargo Area

  • The rear cargo area provides plenty of room for essentials.

Wheelchair/Occupant Securement System

  • One belt system is included for use with the floor-mounted tracks.