End the struggle of manually trying to lift and store a scooter or power wheelchair in the trunk or hatch opening of your vehicle. A power lift is designed to help raise and store a scooter or power wheelchair into most auto trunks, station wagons or hatchbacks, as long as the opening is large enough to store the partially disassembled scooter or power wheelchair and lift. It gives you the convenience you need to transport your scooter or power wheelchair and the freedom to travel when and where you want.

Scooter Lift Sales & Service Florida

Over twenty-five years ago the vehicle lift market was literally created. The concept that a wheelchair or scooter, let alone a four hundred pound power wheelchair, could be lifted and stowed into a vehicle was revolutionary! Today, there are several lift manufacturers that offer the world of wheelchair and scooter users possibilities and solutions to transport their mobility devices. Different products to lift and stow your scooter, powerchair or manual folding wheelchair have been designed to interact with hundreds of vehicle types. The manufacturers range from:

Large selection of scooter lifts available in Florida

We offer a complete selection of wheelchair lifts, scooter lifts, vehicle lifts and other devices that assist with the transportation of wheelchairs and scooters. These devices are designed to load your wheelchair or scooter into your vehicle while you transfer into a standard vehicle seat. This makes traveling across Florida safe, easy and enjoyable.

Florida is a great state for wheelchair lifts

Wheelchair lifts, like scooter lifts simplify the transportation of wheelchairs down the road. These can be found on minivans, suv's, pickup trucks, vans, cars, station wagons and more.

Purchase a scooter or wheelchair lifter in Florida

Purchasing a new scooter or wheelchair lifter in Florida is easy. We have expert mobility consultants standing by waiting to assist you and answer any questions you may have. We also offer the ability to shop for our scooter lifts online in our catalog. Feel free to contact us today to request free brochures or more information about scooter lifts.

Local cities in Florida we service for Scooter Lifts:

• Tampa

scooter lift with scooter on it

pickup scooter or wheelchair lifter

platform lift for wheelchair or scooter

scooter being transported on a trailer

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